Elaine Bing

Elaine Bing

Elaine Bing

Elaine has been in private practice as a counselling psychologist for twenty seven years. She, together with Jacqui van Staden, managed a large practice in Sunnyside, Pretoria for many years. She is now based at Vista Clinic (website) and ZwavelStream (website).

She has an ongoing interest in utilizing psychological principles to prevent problems from developing. This often comes down to developing specific skills which can often be done in a group setting.

Her doctorate through Unisa explored the experiences of men who had tortured and murdered during apartheid (Unmaking the torturer: Re-establishing meaning and identity after committing atrocities) from which a book was published Unmaking of the torturer/Ek het gemartel (Lapa publishers).
Elaine and Erica de Lange wrote Practice success: A practical guide for the psychologist. They combined Erica’s work from her doctorate and sound business practice to develop a guide to starting and managing a practice. They, together with Ken Pettey wrote Practice success: A practical guide for the veterinarian which focussed on problems veterinarians have in starting a practice.

She has post qualification training in Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing, hypnotherapy and Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy. Elaine has presented numerous continued professional development courses for psychologists and social workers on trauma and cognitive behavioural therapy and has presented papers on perpetration nationally and internationally.

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Jacqui van Staden

Jacqui, a clinical psychologist, has been in practice for more than forty years in which she has developed an interest in working with children. She has extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of children with a broad range of developmental and mental illnesses. She was part of the team (principal psychologist) that started the first child abuse unit in South Africa at the Transvaal Memorial Hospital for Children. She has done extensive research and presented internationally on child abuse. She has been associated with a practice in Sunnyside, Pretoria for more than 20 years.

She has worked with what is now known as ADHD since 1976 and has developed techniques for parents to manage their child’s ADHD using medication and behaviour modification. She is passionate about empowering parents and educators to manage ADHD, anxiety, bullying and many other emotional and behavioural issues. She also feels very strongly about establishing safe schools.

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Ramodungoane Tabane

Ramodungoane has been in practice for ten years as an educational psychologist. He is a senior lecturer at the University of South Africa and chairperson of the Educational Division of the Psychological Association of South Africa. He is a resident psychologist on Kaya FM and has guest appearances on various TV programmes.
His research interests are in innovative qualitative research methodologies; ADHD; parents’ management of their children’s ADHD; other childhood behavioural and emotional challenges; childhood development and resilience; cross-cultural research and psychology.

He has worked in various capacities at the University of Pretoria and has worked as a consultant to various departments and private businesses including the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development as a researcher. He has developed his practice into the training and motivational fields where he addresses issues such as HIV and AIDS; learner motivation; parenting skills; research and development.

He has worked as a researcher on “the development or identification of a mental health screening tool” for the National Department of Health and Department of Basic Education under Health Advance Institute (HAI). He was a principal investigator on the USAID funded project under the auspices of BroadReach Health Care (BRHC) entitled: “an exploratory study of how Traditional Health Practitioners in South Africa communicate the concepts of disease risk and prevention to their patients”. He is currently developing a research project on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) with colleagues in the University of Southampton, UK.

He has written various academic articles and chapters on issues including ADHD and other childhood behavioural challenges; qualitative research methodology; cross-cultural research and psychology; school violence; school integration/inclusion and traditional health practitioners (THP). He has presented his academic work both nationally and internationally.

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Karen Adams

Karen Adams

Karen Adams

Karen has more than twenty five years’ experience as a clinical psychologist. Her interest in assessments has led to extensive experience in clinical assessments (incapacity and neurological), forensic assessments (medical negligence, neurology and criminal), assessments for the RAF and assessments for the placement of children.

She knows the procedures that are necessary when dealing with the courts and various agencies and has experience in liaising with social workers and attorneys.

Karen also has considerable experience in the treatment of anxiety and mood disorders and in the treatment of dysfunctional relationships. She is a member of both the South African Medico-Legal Society and the South African Clinical Neuro-psychological Association.

Minette du Plessis-Emmerich

Minette is a registered educational psychologist in private practice with 14 years of experience in the field of psycho-emotional assessments as well as therapeutic support to children and adolescences. She has extensive training and experience in forensic assessments, including a Master’s Degree in Forensic Practice.

She has experience in academic and emotional assessments of children and adolescents. She has extensive therapeutic experience in working with traumatised children, in particular children who have been sexually traumatised. She has a special interest in learning difficulties i.e. dyslexia, dyscalculia and dysgraphia.

Elvis Rashirai


Elvis is a a highly enthusiastic, motivated accountant who has the unusual skill, for accountants, of being good in interacting with people! This makes him a brilliant trainer which is clear in the work he has done. He is good at taking people who have very little knowledge of accounting and assisting them in developing useful skills in the field.

He has extensive experience in working in the international NGO sector and has built capacity in many people who did not have any accounting background and have had to manage projects. He has identified accounting systems that people with no accounting background can use, implemented these systems and has trained people to use them.

You will also learn basic accounting terms and how to interpret your trail balance, balance sheet and income statements. Managing cash flow is critical in any business and you will learn how to approach this intricate subject. Learn it from someone who is good at training!

Angela Bosch

Angela Bosch

Angela Bosch

Angela  has worked in education for more than fifteen years. She teaches intermediate and senior phase and has extensive experience in sports coaching. She is passionate about teaching and the complete development of learners.

Dr J.M. van der Lith

and Mr Johann Botha


Excellent Sc Logo 8585c4

Excellence Science can be contacted at 083 275 2061.

Physical Sciences Workshops are conducted for learners as well.

ExcellentScience  is an organization consisting of Dr J.M. van der Lith and Mr Johann Botha. They developed modular science kits for a major scientific distributor as well as presenting practical experiments for learners and teachers from grade 7 to 12 in Physical Science using a mobile lab.

Johann van der Lith did his thesis for his D Ed in maintaining the standards in evaluation of learners in Physical Science. For his M Ed he conducted research about the mastering of Physical Science concepts by learners. These concepts were applied in teaching for nearly 40 years with very good results. He also has a MA in Research Psychology. The rest of his qualifications covered a wide range of subjects from Mechanical Engineering to Advanced Electronics. He wrote various articles about successful education in the classroom.
Johann vd Lith presented various after hour courses in Physical Science for training teachers in Gauteng and Mpumalanga funded by Department of Education (DOE) for the last 10 years.
The concept of holistic teaching and our practical approach ensures that the teacher will be able to present the learning material with confidence in the classroom. See February 2017 Science Workshop report here or here.


Sorika de Swardt

Sorika de Swardt

Sorika de Swardt

Sorika de Swardt Professional Bio

 Sorika de Swardt holds the following professional qualifications

  • BA degree in Social Work; 1995 and Masters (MA) degree in Psychology; 2001 (NWU) South Africa
  • Post Qualifying Award 1-6 in Mental Health Social Work; 2004 United Kingdom
  • Accreditation in the Community Resiliency model (CRM) presented by Trauma Resource Institute; 2015 USA

 In 2001 Sorika moved to the United Kingdom to further specialize in the fields of Addiction, Mental Health and Forensic Social Work. There she developed a forensic dual diagnosis treatment program for the patients in a medium secure treatment unit.  She also created a training program for Social and Healthcare Professionals which was nominated in 2005 for the NIHME Quality awards in England.  She lectured on the Mental Health Act to post qualified Health and Social Workers at Essex University.  In 2006 she completed research regarding the effect of severe mental illness on family and carers. The outcome was made into an educational film by Arklight Media, of which Sorika was the clinical producer. This DVD won the Silver Quality Trust award in 2007 as part of a training package. Since her return to South Africa in March 2007, Sorika practiced as Assistant Director for the NG Ministry of Caring, rendered 3 years of Medical Social Work at Life the Glynnwood hospital and Psychiatric Social Work at Life the Glynnview. Since 2012 she practiced as an Addiction Consultant at Elim Clinic, Professional Addiction Treatment Centre. Since 2010 she retained her private practice and more can be seen of the services she render on her website at

 The specific accomplishments and knowledge that sets her apart from her peers include:

  • Being a frequent speaker on radio and television programmes
  • Being expert witness in court for high profile criminal cases
  • Contributing to many articles for South African magazines and newspapers
  • Presenting at 5 International and countless National Congresses on a variety of field related topics.
  • She offered training, consultation and service development to companies in Botswana, Namibia, Nigeria, United Kingdom, USA and all around South Africa.
  • She was personally trained by expert Robert Weiss (LCSW) on process addictions such as pornography addiction, sex addiction and digital addictions both during her visit to Las Vegas OMICS International Conference where she presented a paper on sex addiction in July 2013, but also during his training in South Africa in March 2016.
  • She also has a practitioner accreditation on the Community Resiliency Model (CRM) for Trauma from the Trauma Resource Institute (TRI) in the USA.

 Her passion for people with addictions, mental health difficulties and those who struggle in relationships are obvious and contagious. Invite her to any of your functions to be a speaker or attend her accredited CPD training sessions.

Kirsten Thompson

Kirsten Thompson 

Kirsten is a passionate Foundation Phase remedial teacher with more than 20 years teaching experience. As part of her graduating course work, she worked with a NGO, teaching in a school in Soweto and up-skilling teachers on the changes in the curriculum. Following her graduation she lectured for a year at the Johannesburg College of Education in Professional Studies and Early Childhood development. She then headed to the UK and following a year of supply teaching (gaining full experience of the range of schools and classrooms in and around London); she then “fell” into remedial education. Kirsten taught Year 3 and 4 children in both exclusive and inclusive Language Bases, attached to mainstream schools for 6 years.

Since her return to South Africa, Kirsten has taught Grade 1 at a remedial school in Brooklyn, Pretoria. She is passionate about teaching, children and expanding on her knowledge and understanding of both. She is the Sports and Extra Mural Co-ordinator for the school and looks to find ways to offer children a balanced school life.

Elsa van Zyl

Elsa van Zyl

Elsa has been a Mathematics teacher for the past 30 years. She had a mathematics centre in Pretoria where she gave extra classes for 12 years. Currently she teaches grade 11 and 12 learners at Ligbron Academy of Technology in Ermelo where she is also head of the mathematics department. Ligbron is known for their excellent matric mathematics results.

Elsa was involved in the writing of mathematics text books as well as the development of learning material for a home schooling company. She is a senior marker for the matric final examinations, teaches Admaths to gr 12 learners, and trains teachers to use GeoGebra.

Nkateko Ndala Magoro

Nkateko Ndala Magoro

Nkateko has more than 10 years’ experience in the field of Psychology in corporate environments as an associate consultant with Kaya consulting, in various organisations, student environments and cultures where she gained immeasurable insight into the dynamics of human behaviour. Her expertise are relationship and family issues, as well as offering therapy to children with adjustment problems and parental guidance among others. She is also passionate about leadership development with a focus on enhancing group cohesion and effective communication as well as developing and facilitating of workshops and delivering of psycho-educational talks at various platforms.

Owing to her love for teaching, she enjoys media presence in informing the public on issues of mental health in lay-man’s terms. She has featured a number of times on daily talks shows as well as written for popular magazines. She offers both brief and long-term systemic oriented psychotherapy, which aid the client to have a holistic approach into their problems and/growth in therapy. Read more on her practice website: Pretoria Psychologists.

Christa Visagie


Christa Visagie

Christa is a counselling psychologist registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. I completed my MA (Counselling Psychology) degree in 1988.

After I worked for almost 10 years in the civil service as a young psychologist rendering adjustment services to civil servants and their families, I started a full time private practice in 1997 and have since worked in this context.

The focus of my services is psychotherapy with children and their families. My professional development has been concentrated on building my knowledge and experience in this field and I therefore attended local and international conferences selected for this purpose. This includes for example, some of the annual conferences of the Association of Play Therapy (affiliated to the American Psychological Association). Further experience includes for example Monster Busting (a form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) for older children and adolescents, assisting children and families by means of Filial therapy and parental guidance, supervision services to psychologists working with families and children as well as workshops such as: “Building back bone: Discipline for adults and children”; as well as “Play: Serious Business for young and old”.

During this time, using these therapeutic models, I have worked with numerous clients and their families whom have experienced different types and degrees of trauma.

My professional activities include being a member of the ACT- peer supervision group in Pretoria. I am a member of the International Play Therapy Study Group. I presented to this audience on “The Neurobiology of Play, Some Core Concepts” in June 2008 and on “Therapist Use of Self in Play Therapy” in June 2015.

I am a member of the Association for Contextual and Behavioural Science; PainSA; South African Depression and Anxiety Work Group. Lastly, I am a previous member of the Association of Play Therapy.

(Read more about Christa here)

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traecan developed from a need to provide good quality training. Numerous people in South Africa have excellent skills, honed over years, but are in a position where the natural transfer of these skills is not happening due to various factors. To remedy this, we have started traecan. We find people, with many years of experience to present short courses in their areas of expertise.

This does not mean that all our presenters have grey hair. At times we find very bright, skilled young people who have skills they can teach. If you think that you will fit in - you have interesting skills to teach - contact us!

As the work our presenters do is of a high standard, we publish it on Amazon and other e-reader platforms. On occasion we also print hard copy. We provide attendees with copies (sometimes digital, sometimes hard-copy). Publishing the material makes it available to a wider audience as well.

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