Online matric maths revision


Online matric maths revision; done for 2018

Watch out next year for details on maths tutoring for grades 10, 11, 12 that will follow the CAPS timetable.

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To successfully participate online see procedures below.

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Online matric maths revision.

An online matric maths revision would cover the curriculum in an interactive fashion that fits in with the level of understanding of the attendees. A specific topic would be covered with an opportunity to also ask questions on other parts of the matric maths syllabus.

You can also send your questions to Gary at traecan's email or whatsapp (083 415 9594), if necessary taking a pic thereof especially if it is a graph or formula or if it is in an old exam paper. This would then be included in the online session if received in time. A follow up interactive session would be scheduled if necessary for more in-depth discussion of what has been presented or discussed.

During a session the material would be presented with exercises with step by step notes written on an online white board. Attendees can ask questions by typing in the chat section of the software being used. If it is necessary for an attendee to rather ask his or her question verbally, his mic would be unmuted. One can also click to put up one’s hand and a hand symbol comes up.

The particular part of the curriculum to be covered would be announced for a scheduled session. The session on Saturday 20 October will cover Paper 1 / functions (graphs). Questions on other topics in Paper 1 will be accommodated.

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Attending an online session:

Here are procedures on making sure one's webinar attendance is successful:

... the internet connection ...

  • View a session preferably on a desktop computer or laptop; note that for a tablet or smartphone it may be more awkward as there is usually no separate keyboard or mouse.
  • A stable internet connection like ADSL or 3G is recommended; note all communication will be on VOIP  (basically per internet), i.e. not per telephone call.
  • If you have not attended a webinar before please test your connection beforehand; the webinar session will be open before the scheduled time to ensure all are able to join in time.

... joining in ...

  • A link to join is sent to one's email that was used to confirm one's booking. When the link is clicked it will open up a box where you can click a button that says 'Open URL:Zoom Launcher' to launch the Zoom session; a free Zoom app ('Zoom' is the webinar software we are using, similar to Skype) is used. Follow the instructions.
  • If its the first time the Zoom app is loaded the Zoom_launch.exe file will be downloaded and a big orange arrow points to it. Click here and press 'Open' and then click to 'run'. The app will be loaded taking a minute or so. You will be prompted for your name, accept or change your name; put in your name as was supplied for the booking.
  • A window will open up where one can test if one can hear adequately; you can also test if your mic is working. Click the button to join the meeting by audio. (If the 'waiting room' option is on, the 'host' will add you to the session);

... participating ...

  • We will generally not have the video feed (from the computers' cameras) on for all participants to save on bandwidth / data for all participants; it also helps to make data transfer, and thus the session, more stable and to minimize feedback (echoing); in any event participants will see a presentation or a white board with information during the session.
  • Generally we would only have the presenters’ microphone on; questions and comments can be typed in the chat section; participants’ mics would be un-muted when verbal inputs are to be made.
  • (if applicable) At the start of the webinar, you will be requested, for record purposes for professional development points (e.g. for SACE) to type in your full name in the chat section and at the end of the session a short comment about the webinar. The record of the chat will be attached to the attendance register drawn up and sent in e.g. to SACE; a video and audio recording is enabled as backup.